Top 5 Reasons Why Affiliates Should Join Affiliate Networks

Top 5 Reasons Why Affiliates Should Join Affiliate Networks

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Affiliate marketing is a multi-billion dollar industry. By 2022, the US affiliate marketing industry alone will be worth $8 billion, with the global estimated value of the industry a whopping $17 billion.

81% of brands rely on affiliate marketing to improve their business. And according to Unicode, the affiliate industry is responsible for about 16% of online orders.

These stats show that affiliate marketing is becoming a massive global industry.

There are there main key players in affiliate marketing – Merchants (advertisers), Affiliates (publishers), and Affiliate networks.

In this article, we’ll be discussing the reasons for the affiliates to join affiliate networks.

Although advertisers can work directly with affiliates, this will require them to invest more time. Also, they’ll have to integrate specific software to track and monitor the campaigns and affiliates.

So, if they work with an affiliate network, both the advertisers and affiliates can save their valuable time, and tracking and monitoring the campaigns and affiliates will be the responsibility of the affiliate network.

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But what is an affiliate network?

An affiliate network is a network of affiliates and advertisers. It works as a middle man between affiliates and advertisers and manages many important jobs involved in running an affiliate program. And the affiliates have ample time to focus on other aspects of the business and increase their commission.

How exactly an affiliate network works?

First of all, both the affiliates and the advertisers have to sign up for the network.

If they are accepted, the advertisers begin to add their programs to the network and the affiliates can easily access those programs and other promotional materials.

The affiliates can apply for any program they wish to endorse. Once they are accepted for that program, they can access different promotional texts and creatives that they use across multiple platforms such as social media, emails, or websites.

The affiliate network assigns the affiliate unique affiliate ID. The affiliate places this ID across various promotional materials. When customers click on this link, they land on the advertiser’s website where they can make a purchase.

The affiliate ID is used by the affiliate network to track the sales for each program and the sales are attributed to the affiliate.

There could be 100s of reasons why both advertisers and affiliates can benefit a lot by joining an affiliate network.

But in this article, we’ll be focusing on the top 5 reasons why affiliates should become part of an affiliate network.

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Top 5 Reasons why affiliates should join affiliate networks:

  • Campaign selection

  • Have to maintain a single relationship

  • Real-Time tracking

  • Minimizes the risk related to payment

  • Ensures monthly and correct payments


Let’s get started.


  1. Campaign Selection


By joining an affiliate network you have access to not just one or two but 100’s of niche merchants’ products and services. The network also provides a greater variety of top-performing, reputable campaigns.

Best of all, you get an opportunity to easily work with multiple advertisers, multiple offers, and multiple payment style options such as pay per click, pay per lead, pay per impression, etc. all under one umbrella.


  1. Have to maintain a single relationship


There must be a good relationship between the advertiser and the affiliate.

The good relation between the two helps in many ways, for instance:

  • Structuring increased commissions
  • The advertisers deliver affiliate-specific content
  • The advertiser and the affiliate work together to assist the affiliate in maximizing the traffic to his site

When an affiliate becomes a part of the network, he doesn’t have to deal with each of the merchants individually. He deals with only one advertiser, namely an affiliate network. This helps in saving him a lot of time and effort.

When you join an affiliate network, you get all the top quality support and training to build up your skills, learn and grow.


  1. Real-Time Tracking


The affiliate network provides its affiliates with a free testing tool called Real-Time Tracking. This tool helps greatly in comparing and testing each and every change and idea to grow an affiliate’s business.

With the help of this software, you can easily track impressions, clicks, leads, and sales. And then you get to know how your idea is working and whether you should continue with the new idea or leave it.

With the affiliate network, you also have access to advanced reporting tools. This tool allows you to check your stats and graphs for analyzing trends. You can also monitor fraud with its cookie testing capabilities.


  1. Minimizes the risk related to payment


There’s always an element of risk as to whether an affiliate will receive his commission from the advertisers.

Not all advertisers are honest. There are some advertisers who never pay the affiliates their commissions.

This is where joining an affiliate network helps immensely. The affiliate network provides its affiliates with much stronger protection.

But how?

The affiliate networks have built strong relationships with all the advertisers registered with them. And thus the chances of affiliates not getting paid are least.


  1. Ensures monthly and correct Payments


If you join an affiliate network, it’s the responsibility of the network to make sure that you get your payments on time (monthly or as alternatively agreed). You don’t have to waste your valuable time checking and reconciling the advertisers’ figures.

The main role of an affiliate is to provide rich and valuable content and send more and more traffic to their site. This way the number of visitors arriving at their site keeps growing. The content on their site makes sure that the visitors look around the site before leaving the site.

Joining an affiliate network makes it very easy for you to concentrate on these vital functions.

The network assists you in making more and more of your visitors land on the advertisers’ site by clicking on your affiliate links and making purchases. And thus you end up earning more commission.




So, we can say without a doubt that an affiliate network provides an efficient marketplace for advertisers as well as affiliates.

Advertisers can seek approved affiliates to promote their products.

And the affiliates have easy access to hundreds of programs added by the advertisers and thus have an opportunity to promote a great variety of niche products.

With the help of an affiliate network, an affiliate can manage the campaigns easily and without stress.

The best part? The affiliate networks have built strong relationships with the advertisers. And this is what is considered more important for the speed with which sales and return on investment are made (ROI).

Besides the reasons mentioned in this post, what are the other essential reasons for the affiliates to sign up for the affiliate networks? Feel free to share in the comments.





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