8 Best Blogging Platforms

  In order to blog, you need a blogging platform. There are plenty of Blogging Platforms available, but all are not equal. So, you should choose the one that has all the features needed to make a successful blog. What to look for before setting up a Blog? Before setting up a fully-working blog, you … Read more

SEO Tools: 14 Most Essential Tools

  More and more new websites come into existence every day. Every three seconds a new website is built. As of February 2023, there are over 1.13 billion websites in the world of which around 200 million websites are active. So, driving a decent amount of traffic to your site is a real challenge, isn’t … Read more

On-Page SEO: Top 12 On-Page SEO Techniques

Photo by Tony Schnagl from Pexels On-Page SEO:   The main focus of On-Page SEO is to rank higher and higher on Search Engines Results Pages(SERPs). The higher your pages rank on SERPs, the more and more traffic your site will get. SEO is divided into two categories: 1. On-Page SEO 2. Off-Page SEO The process of optimizing … Read more