What is Social Media Marketing and What are its Benefits?

  Social Media Marketing   Social Media has become the number one place to stay connected to your friends, family, and colleagues. You have the opportunity to engage with your customers in real-time.   So, what exactly is Social Media?   Merriam-Webster dictionary defines Social Media as, “Forms of electronic communication (such as websites), through … Read more

What is Digital Marketing? 10 Most Common Channels of Digital Marketing (in 2022)

We live in a Digital World and to stay competitive in this digital world, your business must adopt digital marketing to have an impressive and solid presence in the digital space. What is Digital Marketing? Definition: Wikipedia defines Digital Marketing as, The marketing of products or services using digital technologies mainly on the internet, but … Read more

What is Affiliate Marketing and How it works? [In 2022]

Affiliate Marketing   Affiliate Marketing is a fantastic way to earn money online. It is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts. For Bloggers and Online Marketers, Affiliate Marketing is the most lucrative way to make … Read more

8 Best Blogging Platforms [In 2022]

  In order to blog, you need a blogging platform. There are plenty of Blogging Platforms available, but all are not equal. So, you should choose the one that has all the features needed to make a successful blog. What to look for before setting up a Blog? Before setting up a fully-working blog, you … Read more